Fiamma Awning with Side Tent


Awning Fittings


Awnings are a brilliant way to extend the living space of your camper. They also provide shelter from the elements or a canopy to protect you from the sun in warmer climates. There are two options for awnings, fixed awnings or a detachable drive-away awnings.



The Fiamma F45S awning is designed specifically for all T5 and T6 Volkswagen campervans. It is compact and extremely quiet.
The awning comes in a 2.6m or 3m length for SWB and LWB respectively. Black or white titanium outer casing and delux grey cloth are the standard finishes. The Fiamma F45S Awning is user friendly and silent during opening and closing using the integral winch, and is designed to be quiet when travelling due to its aerodynamic shape.

  • Super-light Alu-Lite aluminium Case
  • Multilayer waterproof UV-resistant vinyl washable canvas in Royal Grey
  • Winch drive with a practical crank handle for opening and closing

IMPORTANT! Side walls are an extra investment.



The Reimo Multirail is a well designed slimline rail that looks like part of the van. It is one of the most versatile multi functional rails on the market for VW T4 T5 T6 Transporter vans. Fitting just above your sliding door with two connection options, a C-Profile channel for a 6mm Kador (ideal for drive-away awnings) and a gutter for using pole and clamps. The rail has an integrated rain gutter to disperse rainwater easily away from the side of your van. The rear end is finished with an end profile cap. Available for a short wheel base or long wheel base van.

  • Fitting Type: Left-hand side
  • Roof load capacity: Up to 100kg
  • Dimensions of Short Wheel Base rail: 2.6 metres
  • Dimensions of Long Wheel Base rail: 3.0 metres
  • Integrated rain gutter am end profile cap

IMPORTANT! Drive-away awning NOT included.

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