EVO Camper Furniture


EVO Camper Furniture


We have been working with EVO Motion for over 15 years, since they started as a one-man operation in County Wicklow, later moving to the UK where they have grown to become one of the leading flat pack camper furniture manufacturers in the UK. EVO supply numerous well known professional fitters and conversion companies in the UK and Ireland.

Now you can source their beautiful furniture kits through us at Lazy Days.

EVO Motion offer a dazzling array of furniture choices for many different van types. As part of our supply service we can guide you through the myriad of options and help you to choose the layouts and materials most suited to your vehicle and budget.


We understand that EVO present a lot of furniture choices, but don’t worry, we are here to help!

We like to break it down into a few easy steps:

  1. Understand you requirements
  2. Present a choice of furniture kits that fit your needs
  3. Choose materials & colours – that’s the fun part!
  4. Finalise the details and optional extras aka the bells & whistles.

Your Requirements

Believe it or not, your requirements will largely be defined by your vehicle type and other components of your build, e.g: your bed manufacturer and bed width. We’ll start by discussing:

  • Your vehicle make, model and wheelbase, LWB, MWB or SWB
  • Your bed; manufacturer, width, fixed, sliding or on rails
  • Height of units: extra low, low or high
  • Bathroom facilities in larger vans
  • Is cooking a priority?
  • Maybe you are looking for removable kitchen pods.

Once we have answered these starter questions we will take you through the next phase: CHOOSING THE RIGHT EVO KIT


Once your basic requirements are understood we can present you with a choice of suitable furniture kits.

We can guide you through the varying features of each furniture kit in great detail. Having built and installed countless EVO furniture kits we are deeply familliar with the different designs and layouts and the pros and cons of each.

Some of the things to consider will be:

  • Storage
  • Drawers, hatches or shelves
  • Tambour doors or solid doors
  • Water bottle placement and size
  • Gas locker box placement
  • Choice of bed boards

Complimentary Equipment

We’ve also got you covered for any appliances or bathroom equipment needed for your build. We can supply of any of the following items and much more besides:

  • Kitchen Appliances: Fridges, Cookers & Sinks
  • Bathroom Fitout: Shower trays & Toilets
  • Water bottles and water installation kits
  • Gas locker box and gas installation kits

Once you have chosen your furniture kit we can move onto the next phase: MATERIAL & COLOURS


EVO offer just under 30 different materials for their units with the option of a different material for the units and countertops. That’s a lot of possible combinations! Some EVO materials are free to order, others cost a little extra, and some finishes are quite expensive.

We know what combinations work, so let us walk you through the choices. Book in for a full consultation to view material samples and design your whole colour scheme.

Once your materials and colours are locked down we can move onto the LAST CONFIGURATION DETAILS.


It’s the small things that matter!

The last smaller configuration details can make all the difference. From trim colour to handles and catches, window surrounds to finishing panels for the front seats, or maybe adding a splash of accent colour here and there. Focusing on these last touches will give your build a professional look and finish.



Depending on the time of year, lead times can take from 6-12 weeks from the time of order to delivery of your furniture kit. But it is definitely worth the wait!

So fill out our contact form below to speak to us and get the ball rolling!

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