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Camper Collections & Returns

  • When can we collect and return our camper?
    Campers may be collected 6 days a week Monday to Saturday only with the following exceptions:
    > Bank holiday weekends: strictly no camper collections on a Saturday, Sunday or bank holiday Monday.
    > Saturday collections in the Mid, High & Peak Seasons carry a surcharge of €50.
    > Public Holidays: No camper collections allowed.
    > Campers may be returned 7 days a week including bank holidays and public holidays.

    Collections and returns are by strict appointment between 09:00 – 17:00.

    1 hire day = exactly 1 x 24 hours from your elected collection time.

    Extension fees are charged at €15/hour.

    During the darker winter months (November - February) we strongly encourage camper collections before 16:00 so that vehicle familiarisation and first drive can take place during daylight hours.

    At least 24 hours notice is required to change your allocated collection time. Please understand that all camper collections are in a carefully coordinated queue so last minute changes can have a domino effect.

    No refund is given for an early return of the vehicle for any reason.

    Please consider that the next customer may be collecting the vehicle within hours of your return time. If the vehicle is returned late (i.e. outside the times agreed), Lazy Days reserves the right to charge late penalty fees together with any additional costs incurred by Lazy Days (e.g. compensation to the next hirer.)

    Elected collection & return times:

    These are the times you have entered on your booking form or agreed with us in advance for the collection and return of your camper. Please allow approximately 40 minutes in advance of your agreed collection time to complete final paperwork and your vehicle demonstration.

    Please notify us ASAP if you get delayed or if you wish to change either your collection or return times.
  • Can you deliver my camper to a location that is more convenient for me?
    • We can deliver campers very locally to Wicklow town and Ashford only.
    • If you are arriving by train or bus we can deliver your camper to you at the bus stop or train station in Wicklow.
    • If you are staying locally in Wicklow or Ashford we can deliver your camper to you at your B&B or hotel.
    • We are not in a position to facilitate offsite camper collections or returns outside of Wicklow town or Ashford.
  • Where do we collect our camper?
    The collection and return of all vehicles is from our base in Wicklow. We are located 10 minutes south of Wicklow Town or 35 mins south on the N11/M11 from the M50 Dublin ring road. Click here to find us on Google Maps.

    Alternatively please see the How to Find Us page for full details on how to connect with us by Car, low-cost Taxi or Public Transport.

    Travelling to Lazy Days by car
    Click here to find us on Google Maps.
    Our post code is A67 WD30. Our Address is Lazy Days, Kernow, Cullen Lower, Three Mile Water, Wicklow.
    You can download printable directions here.

    Other ways to reach us
    You can review the transport options available on our How to Find Us webpage. There are lots of options for the bus, train and a reasonably priced taxi service.

    Book our Taxi service
    Our taxi service is nearly half the normal price!So if you plan to take a taxi please contact us and we will book it for you.

    Please contact Sue direct at / +353 (0)872885771 to book a taxi or if you need any assistance coordinating your travel arrangements. Sue is very happy to help.

Campers & Equipment

  • Are your campers suitable for someone over 6ft tall?
    Yes absolutely! Our pop-top campers give you standing height of up to 7ft. The downstairs beds are all over 6ft long - 75" / 190cm to be precise. Tonka, Green, Jaws, Big Blue & Spike have beds that are 45" / 115cm wide. Snow, Dakar & Bandit have wider beds at 65" / 165 cm giving you a little extra wriggle room.
  • Are the campers econnomical to drive?
    Our modern touring T5 campers are very economical to drive. Of course fuel economy also depends on how you drive! Our T5 campers should give you 45+ MPG. According to the AA website the avg. cost of Diesel is €1.33 / litre [March 2019]. There are 3.78541 litres in a gallon. So that's approx €5.37 / gallon / 45 miles / 70 km! On average you will get between 600 - 700 miles to a full tank of diesel. It costs just over €100 to fill the tank.
  • What equipment is included with my hire?
    Lazy Days campers come fully equipped for camping. We like to think that we have thought of everything you should need for your trip. We are seasoned campers and stockpilers of all things camping, so if there is something else that you would like us to add to your rental please just ask. If we don’t have it we are happy to try and source it for you! Please read our What's Included page for the full list of Camping Equipment & Hireable Extras. Alternatively you can download the full list of camper contents here: Download Camper Inventory
  • How many passengers can the campers transport?
    Our modern T5 VW Touring Campers have the following capacity including the driver: Tonka: 4 Seater but can only Sleep 2 in one double bed; Green: 5 Seater but can only Sleep 2 in one double bed; Big Blue: 4 Seater, Sleeps 4 in two double beds; Jaws: 5 Seater, can Sleep 4 or 2 Adults and 3 small Children in two double beds; Dakar: 4 Seater, Sleeps 4 in two double beds; Snow: 4 Seater, Sleeps 4 in two double beds.
  • Do you have any automatic campers?
    No, all of our vehicles have manual gearboxes. We don't have any automatics in the fleet.
  • Is there a power source in the campers?
    • All of our campers have one or two 12v leisure batteries which power the interior lights, radio, fridge and 12v socket/cigarette lighter.
    • We can supply an adapter for the 12v socket which enables you to charge a small 240v device like a phone, camera or laptop. This 12v socket is not suitable for hair-dryers or heaters or anything with a large draw of power. Don’t forget you are converting 12v to 240v!
    • In addition to the 12v leisure battery system all campers have 240v electric hook up. In campsites you can plug in via electric hook up to get a full 240v supply. The campers can be switched from 12v to 240v so you can use all of the 12v electrics when wild camping and 240v when plugged in at a campsite. The advantage of 240v electric hook up is that you have a full 240v socket to power any device required.
    • The 12v leisure battery charges when you drive, so as long as you are doing a bit of driving you should have enough juice in the battery to power your electrics.
    • In all of our campers if you are planning on wild camping without a lot of driving we advise turning off the fridges overnight to conserve the 12v battery.

Camping in Ireland

  • Which Campsite is closest to Lazy Days?
    Our closest and one of our favorite campsites Wolohans Silver Strand Caravan & Camping Site is unfortunately not accepting campers without toilets during covid. If you have a porta potty then you can still book a spot at this very special campsite. We love it because it is an unspoiled, clean and beautifully maintained green field site with exclusive access to Silver Strand beach. Visitors at the campsite can enjoy spectacular sunrises in the morning.

    Wolohans has an extremely well stocked Camping shop onsite that is open to the public.

    We are delighted to recommend Clissmann Horse Caravans as another beautiful location for camping. Also a green field site, Clissman's is in the heart of Wicklow next to the incredibly beautiful Clara Vale and only a stone’s throw from Glendalough. Run by a very welcoming family, it makes a really good back-to-nature base for exploring the Wicklow mountains and woodlands.
  • Does Ireland have good Campsites?
    Ireland boasts a great network of campsites. You camper will come equipped with both the Camping Ireland & The Green Guide Campsite books. You can also find these resources online at Camping Ireland and The Green Guide. We are happy to recommend our favourite campsites and camping spots. Just drop Sue an email with the part of the country you plan to visit and she will send you some great suggestions!  
  • Is it possible to Wild Camp in Ireland?
    Ireland is still pretty free and easy and wild camping is acceptable. Overnight camping is not permitted at most popular tourist attractions but if you move a few miles down the road you will surely find a beautiful location to stop and camp.

    There are a couple of good wild-camping resources you can refer to online:
    > Camper Contact - a general listing for camper spots... some of them free.
    > park4night – a listing of places you can pull up & park for the night.

Drivers, Licences & Insurance

  • Can we pay a CDW or reduce the insurance excess?
    Our insurance policy does not allow for a reduction of the excess or a CDW. It may be possible to arrange independent Excess Insurance. Alternatively your credit card company may offer travel insurance that would cover the insurance excess. Please read our Terms & Conditions for more details of the rental agreement, insurance excess and security deposit requirements.
  • When should I confirm driver details?
    All drivers must be confirmed no later than 6 weeks in advance of hire. If your booking is made within 6 weeks of hire then all driver details must be furnished at the time of booking.
  • What supporting documents are required?
    Full instructions about the required supporting documentation will be emailed to you when you make a booking.

    A completed Booking Form is required at the time of booking.

    The driver documents listed in the checklist below are required 6 weeks in advance of hire or immediately if booking is made within 6 weeks of hire.

    Documents can be scanned & emailed, photocopied & posted, or photographed with a smart phone / tablet & emailed. Documents must be legible.

    Driver Document Checklist:
    1. Copy of Drivers Licence – front & back (for UK licences a check-code is also required for validation).
    2. Copy of a recently dated Statement OR Utility Bill for confirmation of address.
    3. If the address on your licence does not match your current residential address then a second recently dated Statement OR Utility Bill is also required for confirmation of address.
    All non UK and Irish drivers must also provide:
    1. Copy of Passport or a Copy of National Identity Card. This is required in addition to your licence and confirmation of address document.

    * For UK licence holders please visit this site to generate a "Check Code" in order to share your driving record with Lazy Days. The ‘check code’ will be valid for 21 days. In order for the DVNLI to release the relevant information the driver must contact the DVLNI to give his/her permission for Lazy Days to access their information.The DVNLI contact info is here: If you are calling from the ROI, call +44 120 477 0768, select menu option 2 and then wait for an operator.
  • How many drivers can we have?
    A maximum of 4 drivers can be added to any vehicle hire. Lazy Days vehicles may only be driven by  drivers who have been disclosed, named and agreed by Lazy Days during the booking process.
  • Can we insure a driver for just one day?
    Unfortunately not. Our insurance system very strictly only allows the addition of drivers for the full duration of hire. It is not possible to add a driver for a subset of time or days. If your hire period is 5 days then additional drivers are charged at 5 x the Additional Driver Fee which is €10/day.
  • Can I use or transfer my own insurance?
    The Lazy Days rental agreement comprises fully comprehensive self-drive hire insurance. Lazy Days cannot accept the use of any other insurance cover for our vehicles. It is not possible to transfer or use your own car insurance even if you have a motor trader policy. Lazy Days vehicles may only be driven by the hirer and/or additional drivers who have been disclosed, named and agreed by Lazy Days during the booking process.
  • Do you accept all drivers licences?
    Licences from the following EU countries must be held for a minimum of 2 years:
    Ireland, UK, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain & Sweden.

    Licences from the following EEA & Recognised Exchange countries must be held for a minimum of 5 years:
    Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Switzerland, Gibraltar, Japan, New Zealand, South Africa RSA, South Korea RSK, Taiwan, Australia (Capital Territory, Northern Territory, South Australia, Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland, Tasmania, Western Australia).

    Licences from the following countries must be held for a minimum of 8 years:
    USA, Canada.

    If your country is not listed above then unfortunately we cannot accept you as a driver. Please note that International Drivers Licences are not accepted.
  • Do you accept International Drivers Licences?
    We do not accept International Drivers Licences. We ask that you present a valid national driving licence issued in your country of permanent residence.
  • Do I need a special licence to drive a camper?
    A normal drivers licence is all that is required to drive a campervan.
  • What are the driver requirements?
    All drivers must between the ages of 25 – 70 inclusive.

    European drivers must have a full licence for a minimum of 2 years. EEA Licences must be held for a minimum of 5 years. US & Canadian licences must be held for a minimum of 8 years. No novice drivers please.

    Any penalty points, driving convictions or accidents must be disclosed at the time of booking. Dates and descriptions or codes for all convictions must be provided.

European Travel

  • Can we travel to the UK or Europe?
    Lazy Days campers are covered for travel within the 32 counties of Ireland and Northern Ireland only. They cannot be taken across the water to the UK or Europe under any circumstance.

Parking & Storage

  • Can we store our luggage at Lazy Days?
    Storage is limited within the campers so we advise that you travel light with soft luggage. If you have large suitcases or luggage we are happy to store them for you whilst you travel.
  • Can we park our car at Lazy Days?
    The parking of one car per rental will be provided by Lazy Days. Parking is entirely at the hirer’s own risk.


  • What is the payment schedule?
    If your booking starts in less than 6-weeks:
    > The full rental payment is due to confirm your booking.

    If your booking starts in more than 6-weeks:
    The rental payment is paid in two instalments:
    1) A €300 booking deposit is payable at the time of booking to secure your chosen vehicle and dates.
    2) The balance payment is payable 6 weeks in advance of hire.

    Security deposit:
    In addition to the rental payment there is also a €1000 security deposit required per vehicle. The security deposit is payable by debit or credit card 1 day in advance of hire.
    The security deposit is fully refunded upon safe return of the vehicle(s) to Lazy Days. Please read our Terms & Conditions for details of the rental agreement, insurance excess, deposits and refunds.
  • What payment methods do you accept?
    We accept most major credit and debit cards: Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Visa Debit & Electron, etc.

    Payments are generally automated via our online booking system, but it is also possible to arrange card payments over the phone, in cash or by *bank transfer.

    If you wish to pay by bank transfer, in cash or by card over the phone please contact Sue | +353872885771 |

    *Please note that bank transfers can be accepted no later that 1 week in advance of hire to allow the payment to clear.

Pets Policy

  • Can we bring our pet?
    We have a no pets policy in our campers during the months of June, July, August & September.

    From October to May we allow the carriage of well-behaved pets for a surcharge of €75 to cover additional cleaning fees. Please note the €75 pet carriage fee is payable in addition to the normal €30 cleaning fee applied to each hire.

    Please contact Sue for more information Sue | +353872885771 |

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