Janet’s Family Road Trip in Dakar

Janet’s Family Road Trip in Dakar

Almost 20 years ago Mum and Dad brought us on our first “drive ” to spain.. Bare Grylls style 😂 no beds and 11 on board. Dad had just bought his new mini bus (his rolls royce) to this day it’s still going and Mam uses it as a nip around but still treated with all respect like the day we got it 🙂

The little things you showed me about the belts etc reminded me so much of Dad on the road trips:) always taking care of the little things to avoid future damage and it worked as the bus still in great nick 20 years on . Dad later bought he 08 minibus and I brought Shannon and Jessica on many road trips to Spain as mum and dad bought an apartment in Fuengirola and we always drove down… We have the BEST memories any kids could ask for from those road trips that we would have never had if we took a flight!!!

The trip in your camper made me feel a bit like my Dad and carrying on his adventures with my kids now… don’t think I’ll chance Spain though 😂

Thanks to you and your husband for helping create more adventures for me and my little family 🙂

We had a Ball !