Laura & Stephen’s Autumn Adventure in Big Blue

Laura & Stephen’s Autumn Adventure in Big Blue

As for feedback, there really isn’t much to say aside from the fact that it was GREAT. We enjoyed the trip a lot and the service and help provided by you was excellent. We loved Big Blue, it was the perfect campervan for us. Once we had practiced our routines a bit and had managed to share the tasks and such, it was really easy to handle him and driving on the ‘wrong’ side really wasn’t much of a problem anymore after 2-3 days.

We only visited a caravan park once, near Roundstone on the west coast, this one to be precise: Gurteen Bay, in Roundstone, Galway. See it on Google Maps here. It is managed by a very, very friendly couple who were super helpful and the pricing of 22 euros (I think, or maybe 20) was really cheap. The park is in a very pretty spot, too, it’s got its own spacey beach and is directly at the coast, see picture:

Big Blue at Gurteen Bay campsite

Unfortunately, we couldn’t visit any other caravan parks because they were all closed. But wild camping is definitely possible, otherwise we’d have had a problem. Often times it helps to just ask the locals, for example in the one and only local pub in some village, where one could stay for the night and they are usually very happy to help you with some suggestions (i.e. the parking space for the Connemara National Park (Letterfrack), the port at Annagassan, the parking space at the beach by Dunfanaghy, the Westport House Parking No. 4 in Westport Quay (just ignore the gates, they don’t close them) and the Parking Space of Casey’s Inn at Glendalough (the local manager was super friendly, even visited us when we returned on the last day)…and generally random parking spaces with no height barriers and no NO CAMPING warnings. :D).

Generally speaking, if you want to wildcamp, it is probably wise to keep in mind to find a spot before it gets dark. It happened two times that we underestimated the distance and it turned out to be really exhausting to find a good place at night. Without google earth we would have been helpless. It is a very good idea to have Google Earth and use it to find possible parking spaces/hidden places to hang out at.

We invested entire 25 Euros to buy the “Lonely Planet – Ireland” and it was the best decision ever. Totally worth it and very well laid out. Alltogether, we can say that our favourite spots probably were the Wicklow Mountains (Glendalough) and Connemara (Letterfrack – Connemara National Park), shortly followed by Dunfanaghy and Malin’s Head as well as the Northern Coast in Northern Ireland (Giant’s Causeway etc.) and Westport.

Ireland surely is one of the most beautiful countries we’ve visited thus far and we will surely come back. IF we will hire a campervan again, we would steal Big Blue once again. 🙂

It was a damn great vacation with a damn cool campervan. Loved him!

Best wishes from

Stephan and Laura