Sonny on tour with Mick and Sue

Sonny on tour with Mick and Sue

Lazy Days Vintage VW Camper Sonny

Thank you once again for the use of Sonny, we had an amazing time, so many good memories. You have a wonderful country, everyone had time for us and the stories they tell… you just do not get that here. This was such a unique experience that we will never forget. Sonny never missed a beat, he was photographed wherever we went. People stopped to reminisce about when they or their fathers had one. People waved & flashed their lights.

Bad things… NONE!!! Oh the weather on one morning, but the drive to Clifden in the evening was stunning (sunshine all he way). Clifden was magical, nothing England can offer could match.

Thank you for making it a stress free holiday, Sonny performed brilliantly, a credit to you both. We loved your base and the setting it was in, and the fact you are VW mad helps.

Take care and wish you well for the future.
Mick and Sue